Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Not Fair!

I had set up a Yahoo! Search Marketing ad campaign for Absinthe Mata Hari (to run the text ads you see on the top and right rail of search query results)...and they "declined" to run the ads. Their rationale was that the product was of questionable legality. After two attempts to get them to revisit the issue, their final judgement was not to accept the ads. As many of you know, Google has a flat-out policy not to accept ads for beer or spirits, but Yahoo's policy is quite a bit looser. I guess we just found out where the line is. Sphere: Related Content

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Jeff Hogg said...

Interesting. I ran ads for quite some time just like the one you tried to get through. I did these ads in all three of the major engines, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft (major being 2% share!). The only problem I ever had was with Microsoft, they required me to call them and ask for approval (because of the alcohol related content) almost any time I wanted to make a change. It got to be such a hassle I just stopped running ads with them.

I never once had a problem with Yahoo and actually had some great customer service experiences with them. Google also never declined to run those ads for alcohol related content.

I am willing to bet if you were one of those advertisers spending $50,000 a month this wouldn't be an issue. Irritating, isn't it?